Private Dining Rooms

Nozomi Riyadh is proud to offer the most prestigious and luxurious purpose built private dining and conference experience. Diners are encompassed by relaxing authentic Japanese decor and have a choice of three beautiful private dining rooms. Guests can enjoy Nozomi’s famous contemporary Japanese cuisine in either The Kaigi Room, The Kaizen Room or the Fun’iki Room. There is also the option to open up all three rooms into one large private room for much larger parties.

Each of these beautifully designed Private Rooms have been named after the core principals of the Nozomi Brand and are perfect for a range of social and corporate occasions and events including birthdays, weddings, as well as for meetings, presentations and conferences.

Private Dining Rooms

Kaigi Room

Kaigi is Japanese for “conference” and this room is perfect . This private room was named this due to its descreet and focused  meeting place.


  • Total Capacity: 20
  • HD projector
  • Large Square table for up to 16 people
  • Complete Privacy
  • Private Entrance directly from the car park
  • Private Restrooms

Kaizen Room:

The Kaizen room is a comfortable private room in Nozomi Riyadh for up to 20 guests. It is equipped with a Flat Screen TV making it perfect for private viewings and presentations. The room derives its name from the Japanese philosophy which has an aspirational principle of “improvement” at its core and is designed to be a positive and soothing environment.


  • Total Capacity: 20-30
  • Flat screen TV
  • Large square table for up to 20 people
  • Complete Privacy
  • Private Entrance directly from the car park
  • Private Restrooms

Fun’iki Room

The Fun’iki Room is perfect for large groups. Fun’iki, the Japanese for “ambience”, is a core principal to the Nozomi Brand. Indeed Nozomi creates a Unique Dining Experience which can be felt from your arrival, throuhgout your meal and right the way to departure, ensuring guests leave happy


  • Total capacity: 50 people
  • One long table for up to 30 people.
  • Private Entrance and car park access
  • Private restrooms.

Shared Features:

Each Room can be hired for singles or family events. Indeed these rooms can be opened up into one large room which has a capacity of 100 guests. Further all private dining rooms have the following mutual features:

  • Independent light and airconditioning control switches to created the desired ambience
  • All rooms have sliding doors that connect each other so the can be used independently or with visual contact with one another.
  • Nozomi is able to provide with special event features at an additional cost.
  • Available Menus: A La Carte, Set Menus, Canapé Menu
  • The rooms can be hired for early hour events which can include events that start or finish beyond the prescribed opening hours provided this is arranged in advance
  • Private Entrance directly from the car park
  • Private Restrooms

Private Dining and Conference Room Reservations:

To reserve the private dining rooms please email: